We are building a house. A number of them are already helping to build the foundation by placing paintings in the community. Providing positive comments helps the individual to grow, build confidence to be able to develop further in the artwork and in personality.
Building together makes a powerful house. Everyone can contribute by being there, supporting each other and inspiring each other. You are more than welcome within the community.
Are you a beginner? We like to see your work and follow you. It doesn’t have to be perfect, don’t let it be the indicator to place a painting. Dare to grow. Are you an advanced person? Let us inspire others with our work. Sharing can also take us further, expand our network within and beyond our (national) borders.

A reminder..
How can you join the community?

What can already be found within the community

‘Wat een waardevolle cursus
Dank jullie wel.
Ik was al verslaafd..
Nu nog een tikkeltje meer.
maar dat vind ik geen probleem…’

By Liesbeth

‘Na 4 lessen landschap eindelijk zover dat ik het op eigen kracht durfde te doen. Vooral door de extra video’s en herhaling wat je geleerd hebt, dat gaf me net die duw in de rug. Hup, in praktijk toepassen. Kleuren gepakt die ik nooit zou kiezen, was leuke ervaring, yes!’

By Jacq

‘Great to do and time too short’

‘What a fun and educational course this course is.
Get up happily every day to continue with this. “

“I am happy with the new directions from you”

By Ellen

‘What a valuable course
Thank you.
I was already addicted ..
Now a little more.
but I don’t mind that … “

By Diane

‘Geweldig om te doen en tijd te kort’
‘Wat is deze cursus toch leuk en leerzaam.
Sta iedere dag blij weer op om hier weer verder mee te mogen gaan.’
‘Ik ben blij met de nieuwe aanwijzingen van jullie’

By Jimmi

‘After 4 lessons in landscape I finally got to work on my own. Especially because of the extra videos and the repetition you have learned, that just gave me that boost. Hup, apply it in practice. Picking colours that I would never choose was a nice experience, yes!’

By Jelly

‘Net begonnen, het maakt mij happy!’
‘Mijn eerste werkjes terug naar de basis 😊. Zo heerlijk om je hoofd eens helemaal leeg te maken met een cursus ipv helemaal vol met informatie’

By Ineke

‘Just starting, it makes me feel happy!’

‘My first works back to basics 😊. So wonderful to clear your mind with a course instead of completely full of information’