My ugliest painting

Don’t you find it a catchy title? Did you become curious? Did you want to know how ugly the painting is?
Crazy how our mind works sometimes …

I have a challenge for you!

Have you ever tried to make an as ugly as possible Encaustic painting? So not that it arises but that you consciously make an ugly painting!

I dare you!

The basis is wax. Which tool you want to use is up to you. So that can be the iron, hotplate, stylus, hot-airgun and other tools.
Place your creation in the community with the title:
“My ugliest painting.”
Write down your experience.
Why is the painting ugly to you?

The next blog (that will be in 2 weeks) will be a follow-up to this creation

Are you in?

Oh, keep the painting 😉


It is free to join the community