Sometimes a Quick Fix can be just the thing.

Yes, sometimes a Quick Fix can be just the thing!

Perhaps you have been taking care and time over a piece of work and you just need to burst out and let go all the energy you have held in such a strong focus during that other piece of work. That was what happened in this image, this creation – really a very Quick Fix in Wax!

And sometimes it is interesting and liberation to start an abstract idea with total abandon. Not worrying at all about any consequence of the actions or result they will bring.

But careful attention could mean you notice a moment when it looks like the time to stop, to save what has happened. Those moments can fly by, and it is hard to stop sometimes.

When you have done the main covering of card, if that is what happened, then a little time taken to consider how to enhance what happened, to ponder on how to make it into something more lovely to your own eyes is worth, that time is the best investment.
I love blue!

Each area can offer interest. Notice how colours mix very easily into further colours. Notice shapes and see how a random flurry of activity can actually produce something quite enjoyable to look at and work into.

Notice where your eye “lands” when you look at an image and also where it “ends up” settling on a particular feature, shape or colour in the image. All these things help us find appreciate and gain a deeper understanding of “what works” for us!

Lots of flowing lines. But it’s the blue dots that capture the eye initially. They offer difference. They add interest. They bring contrast. They are a focal feature.

When you work, consider where your eye lands, where it settles, what it wants to focus upon. Even in a subconscious way, this can help your compositions evolve.

A quick fix in wax can teach a lot, as well as be a lovely release of energy and an uncontrolled flurry of action! It can be very enjoyable and produce thing which we might never be able to repeat. It can help us discover new possibilities as well as through us out of old familiar comfort zones.

Give it a go and just let rip with your own quick fix in the wax.