My ugliest painting

That was a crazy challenge, to make a painting with the intention ‘ugly’. Have you ever done that? A painting may eventually become ‘ugly’, but it was probably not the intention when you started.

Did you miss the challenge? Then watch the video again.

From the community

I saw beautiful examples passing by in the community. And many had the same experience:
It was quite difficult!
First, the question: What is ugly? And isn’t that different for everyone?
And then there are some who always see something beautiful in a creation. That’s a gift. Not everyone will experience it that way. It tells a lot about who you are.

Very different creations passed by. You are much ‘looser’ when you do not impose on yourself to make a beautiful creation. You will be surprised. And that experience can be so valuable to work out of the box, to discover new possibilities, to experience to play and create freely.

‘Educational’, was one of the reactions. And yes it is. It can give you many insights into the way your thoughts arise.

And some creations that started with the intention of ‘ugly’ actually became true beauties!


Beautiful creations emerged from this challenge:

I asked you to save the creation. It can remind you of the experience.

But you can also ‘rework’ the painting. I hear so often that creations end up in the trash because they are ‘ugly’. For the people who know themselves in this, and I’m sure they are there…. Don’t do that!
The beauty of Encaustic is that you can always change a creation.
Make a creation of the ugly creation (if you think it ugly of course) into a painting that makes you happy! A new challenge 😉

In the next video, I tried to change the painting. Take a look!

What is ugly?

I don’t believe in ugly. It is only a thought that we have created ourselves. So we can also adjust the idea of ​​ugly.