What does that mean?

Figure it out?

Well actually it’s a blog about simplest creation of figures and characters within images, using the Stylus, Iron and Hot Air Gun with encaustic art wax colours. This video has no narrative, just some nice music to listen to whilst you watch. These are easy to follow demonstration bits. Was it simple? Could you figure it out?

… you’ll only know if you watched it …

For a gallery of inspiration take a look at this Open Window. These images are a collection of some that contain figures and characters, Hopefully they can also provide examples of interesting ways to use this potential.


Adding figures brings a focus, a movement or a story perhaps. Also the opportunity of relationships opens up. And questions can arise:

Where are they from?

Where are they going?

What are they doing?

How are they related?

Oh well, in the end your creations will reflect you, so enjoy the playful or meaningful qualities that figures and characters can introduce into your work.