Encaustic Art BASICS – English


Learn and deepen the Basics of Encaustic Iron & Stylus work. Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to gain skills using the iron and stylus. Melt and create with wax colours. Based on the Book & DVD ‘Encaustic Art Basics’ by Michael Bossom.

Over 6 hours of detailed video instruction
Learn step by step
Unlimited access - learn at your own pace and in you own time
Inspiration galleries with many examples
Assignments for practicing and to create your own ArtBook

Created BY Michael Bossom

I began my own journey with wax and heat in 1986. This turned into the Encaustic Art brand in 1991. I have a great deal of experience and knowledge in working with molten wax colours using the iron and other heated tools. I have always worked toward spreading and greater sharing of the encaustic arts, together with my wife Shona.  My practice and experience means I have encountered most of the problems people have in gaining control and mastery of this amazingly versatile medium. I hope that my contributions to these courses in Encaustic House can help you.

Enriched BY Wemke de Jong

I discovered Encaustic Art in 2014, Dutch but I also speak the English language reasonably well. I developed the techniques through experience. Painting with wax is a magical way of creating. I am strongly attracted by intuitively melting the colours over the paper. For me, it is particularly powerful as a mirror for self-reflection. Painted many processes to grow further in personal development. I like to take others on a journey and let them discover their path. The basic course is the foundation where you can continue to build in any way; creative, artistic, intuitive or a combination of these. I hope I can bring you a little bit forward on your journey.


“I have been painting with encaustic for 6-7 years and thought I had a good insight into techniques and possibilities. However, I started to get harder and harder with the inspiration. Initially, I had experienced a fascination for the magical effects that encaustic creates, now I put higher demands on myself. So really I thought that the BASIC course would be a little too simple, my expectation was that I already knew what was included. That was completely wrong! I really got to learn how colours and waxes work and can be combined to get effects that you want and not just happen. I learned how to remove paint and use the paper handkerchief as a tool. In addition, overpainting with Stylus, it really became a favourite. The joy of painting returned! ”