Online course: Improving Landscapes – English

Learn a concept for adding depth to your painting - By Michael Bossom

Develop your landscape skills with the Iron & Stylus

Extensive video demonstrations
Learn to work bigger on A5 & A4
Practice with Assignments
Unlimited access - learn at your own pace and in you own time

Painted by our students!

JS from the USA – ‘I loved your class. The “Improving the landscape class” was wonderful and so worthwhile investing in. The way the class was presented with both video and pictures explaining the process, was absolutely wonderful and so very easy to understand. There was absolutely no questioning any of the procedures. Michael is an excellent teacher and one that you can benefit greatly from in learning the art of encaustics.
As far as the price of the course, it is more than fair. I have payed doubly and not have received near the satisfaction and ease of learning, as with Michael. So worth it and I encourage anyone interested in encaustics to give it a go…….
……..I know I’m shooting myself in the foot, but I think you should charge more for your classes. They are wonderful and so easy to follow…….’
IB from The Netherlands – ‘After the great online course Encaustc Art Basics from Wemke and Michael, I started following the complete Improving Landscapes course. What an interesting course with so many techniques in detail on video. Chapter by chapter I watched the video followed by the explanation and then I started painting. Great to do and even if you don’t like landscapes, all those techniques are so useful in all your other paintings that I can still be so amazed about that I painted these myself and in which I can express so much emotion.’