Improving Landscapes – English


Move on from small basic A6 landscape cards to bigger A5 and A4 landscape. This is an introduction to that pathway. Learn about adding elements and more colour harmony, sophistication and interest to the vistas you create. The intention is to help you understand the concepts involved. To step up and improve your landscapes and to expand your confidence in this area.

Learn step by step improving your landscape
Learn a concept to add depth to a painting
Learn to work bigger on A5 & A4
Unlimited access - learn at your own pace and in you own time
Practice with assignments

A typical user response – this one from JS in the USA

I loved your class. The “Improving the landscape class” was wonderful and so worthwhile investing in. The way the class was presented with both video and pictures explaining the process, was absolutely wonderful and so very easy to understand. There was absolutely no questioning any of the procedures. Michael is an excellent teacher and one that you can benefit greatly from in learning the art of encaustics.
As far as the price of the course, it is more than fair. I have payed doubly and not have received near the satisfaction and ease of learning, as with Michael. So worth it and I encourage anyone interested in encaustics to give it a go…….

……..I know I’m shooting myself in the foot, but I think you should charge more for your classes. They are wonderful and so easy to follow…….

Video demo

Video instruction

Each video is very carefully filmed by at least 2 cameras. The live demonstration  is edited into a logical story, aiming to let you see all that live action as clearly as possible. This way you will get the best understanding of techniques and approaches; learning quickly.

Study Focus

Study at your leisure

Once you have watched the video action and seen the image being created, it is very valuable to have the Study Focus reference. This uses step by step photos taken from the video you have watched. They are arranged in a sequence which follows each step of the build-up .
Written notes explain it all clearly.



Our aim is to help you understand the concepts involved in creating landscape. You can then apply these to your own landscapes.  We all live in different places with different spaces. This course aims to help you create images of the landscape you experience. It aims to awaken your awareness of the shapes around you.

Created BY Michael Bossom

Michael founded the Encaustic Art brand with his partner Cor Van Empel in 1991.He has worked with molten wax colour creativity, in the field of arts and crafts, since 1986. He has a huge amount of experience in using heated tools to work within the encaustic process and has explored a wide number of possibilities within the encaustic genre. If you are looking for someone to guide you through a set of image creations that will give you the opportunity to learn skills yourself, then he is a great choice of teacher for you.