Michael Bossom and Wemke de Jong are the founders of EncausticHouse.com.
Together they created this platform, connecting Encaustic and people worldwide.
Passion is what drives both.

He began in 1986 and created the Encaustic Art brand,  always working to share it; spread it around the world.  Lives in Wales, no art training what so ever. Believes that art is intrinsic to humanity. 
He has a fantastic knowledge of how wax behaves and how to work with it. He sees encaustic as a genre – an extraordinary medium of varied and versatile approaches. Beeswax and heat are the  keys.

She Started Encaustic Art in 2014.  Dutch, but also speaks English.  Has a great love for working on the Hotplate. 
The wax colours took her on a discovery. She developed her in the technical field and personal growth. For her, Encaustic is a way to connect with the soul. She likes to take others on their journey through the world of molten wax.

Michael about Wemke

I first saw Wemke on my screen.

A strong talented woman, with artistic flair, with a social quality that flowers into community.

One day, by design, in the Netherlands, we met for lunch together. It was begun.

She is open and creative, willing to grow, and working (hard) to enable others to grow.

Her evolved sense of equality and her creative intuition make magic happen.

Her younger outlook and our compatibility manifest Encaustic House almost by chance.

Without Wemke this opportunity would not exist. She shines her spirit out to you

Wemke about Michael

I’ve known Michael since I first came in contact with Encaustic Art.

Caught by Encaustic, I watched his DVDs night after night, read his books and lost myself in the wax.

He became my teacher, although he did not know who I was for a long time.

He is a very good teacher, he taught me the basics, has a lot of knowledge and a lot of patience.

 His sensitivity, openness and honesty makes it easy to connect with him.

A true storyteller by nature and talks a lot and in the courses that is only an advantage.

A fantastic artist who has been able to inspire many over the years. And still does.